How to Get a Clue

Prefer to listen to this teaching? Check out the podcast. The thing I never realized about parenting until I became one is that none of us really knows what the heck we’re doing. For some reason, as single young adults, we often think we know exactly how we’ll parent. [Not to mention how everyone else is doing it wrong!] But when that first baby comes along, we realize we don’t have a clue. I think this is, in some ways, by design.  God often asks us to do more than we’re capable of in our own strength, to ensure that we stay in step with Him, relying on His grace.  However, though the intricacies of parenting are complicated and require absolute reliance on the Holy Spirit, God has given us the broad strokes in His word. These “broad strokes” provide a framework that we can easily implement in our families to keep us on track in the day to day.  Fortunately for us, the framework is simple, easily understood, and takes minimal effort to implement. Very early in the history of His peopl
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